Cancellation Policy

Any order by phone, by credit card, by check will not be refunded. The drive to location is not free. It is $60 for our company to stop what we are doing and handle an emergency call. That does not include labor. 

Occasionally you will only pay a service fee for the drive, but in most occasions not. If you call several locksmiths and one shows up before us you will still be charged $60 for the service fee. Any unpaid accounts will be sent to collections. We do not work for free and our time is valuable. Wouldn't anyone rather be spending time with their loves ones and family members? We do our best to reach people on time and give the best prices but our cancellation policy states no refunds whatsoever. 

Also if you are not a real customer please do not call our business for quotes or make fake appointments, that is harassment and will be treated as such with local authorities. We keep a record of all calls, phone numbers, and recordings for quality. 

Please show respect and respect will be given. 

-Robert Cantrell